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The Governance Gym™ is our way of combining professional governance insight with design thinking methodologies to support our clients in achieving future fit governance.

Welcome to the Governance Gym™


You won't find any tight fitting lycra or sweaty spin classes here, however we do have leading edge know how, state of the art equipment and programmes to help you train your governance muscles for peak performance.


Core Focus Areas

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Governance Operations

Using Governance Operations results in high performing, motivated teams delivering best practice governance in the most effective and efficient way. Become business partners and move beyond administration.

Governance Frameworks

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Governance frameworks map out how your organisation runs governance - clarifying roles and responsibilities, identifying information flows and illustrating the relationship between governance, risk management, and organisational culture



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Governance Design is the application of design thinking to how governance is managed and delivered across your organisation. Building empathy for your stakeholder's enables you to really understand challenges from your stakeholders perspective.

Governance Gym Equipment

Put your creativity to the test in our collaborative, design thinking led, workout environments.

We have invested in a state of the art collaboration platform to ensure our members extract maximum value from their workouts.

Using our digital workspace and customer journey mapping technology you will be able to digitally collaborate with Kuberno consultants and team members to unknot governance processes and deliver peak performance for your stakeholders.

We also run our Governance Gym workouts and team development sessions through Mural and it has proven to be a powerful team building tool.

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The sessions were really helpful. A great way also to interact with team members I don’t necessary work closely with on a day to day basis.

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Workout participant, M&G PLC (FTSE 100)

Areas we can help

Governance Gym™ consultants are experienced in building and leading highly effective Governance Functions.

We can work with you across any or all areas of Governance Operations, Governance Frameworks and Governance Design.

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Organisational Design

Design and implement agile governance frameworks and Secretariat Operating Model that maximise skills and experience to support stakeholder needs.

Knowledge Management

Create an easily accessible “Golden Source” of corporate knowledge for the team and stakeholders. Use information design to optimise internal and external communications.

Team Development

Build and maintain motivated and effective teams that are designed around a culture of inclusion and trust.

Strategic Planning

Create a vision for the team aligned to the corporate strategy and values, with a timeline of goals and activities.

Project Management

Design and implement function or group change projects or engage with existing corporate initiatives to deliver change efficiently and effectively


Risk & Regulation Management

Build regulatory change management processes and risk management processes aligned to business risk framework to identify, manage and track risks and regulatory change.

Process & Technology

Explore and understand best ways of utilising available data and metrics in order to ensure resources are efficient, effective and able to manage stakeholder expectations.


Explore and understand best ways of utilising available data and metrics in order to ensure resources are efficient, effective and able to manage stakeholder expectations.

Budget Management

Understand how to maximise available resources through insightful budget management.

Vendor Management

Develop relationships with new and existing vendors that allow you to maximise value.

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