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Let's talk about Governance.

Let's talk about Governance. I admit it is not a dinner party conversation starter, but it is a subject I feel strongly about so indulge me while I tell you a (short) story.

I was speaking to a GC who had just taken on the Company Secretariat department and was considering ways to take the function forwards. One route I suggested was to re-badge and re-focus the department as a governance centre of excellence - a Chief Governance Office. The business was going through a fundamental transformation programme, and governance was one area that was causing particular bottlenecks, not least as no-one was stepping forward to "own" governance. To my mind this was therefore a huge opportunity for a team that had hitherto been considered very much back office, to step forwards and demonstrate their governance professional credentials. I was somewhat taken aback to be told that using the word "governance" was out of the question as people equated it with bureaucracy. This one conversation was a catalyst for Kuberno and our mission to beat bureaucracy and give governance a good name. What is the first word that came to your mind when I mentioned governance? Answers in comments please!


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