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Legal Entity Governance Platform

Transforming the role of the Company Secretary


Welcome to Kube - Kuberno’s digital solution for governance professionals joining us in our mission to beat bureaucracy and give governance a good name. 


Company Secretaries and governance professionals are some of the most talented business people you will come across. They make things happen. They get things done. They understand things on the company level. They have the ability to add huge strategic value to the businesses they work for. 


But so much of the role of the Secretariat can be about managing legal entity data. It’s complex. It’s time consuming. It is not seen as “value added”. Information is held in siloes across the business from Tax, to HR, to Legal and processes are often manual and disjointed. Surely there should be an easier way to manage entity governance and to demonstrate the value that Secretariat can add? 


There is. And it’s here....

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API First

Entity Governance Platform

Kube is going to transform the role of the Company Secretary and liberate you and your team from cumbersome processes.  


There’s nothing like Kube on the market right now. Our system has been designed by governance professionals who could not find what they needed, so have created a platform to meet those needs.  


At the core of Kube is its ability to fully integrate with other systems – breaking down data silos and delivering powerful data management functionality. Out of the box, Kube has a market first level of integration with Companies House in the UK. Kube provides an instant window into Companies House – no more need to swap between systems looking for company information. Legal entities can be imported by a click of a button along with all publicly available data from Companies House on filings and officers, and automatically setting up compliance tasks for confirmation statements and accounts. Kube constantly validates the data it holds on entities against Companies House, removing the need check when filings have been successfully registered – whether e-filing or paper filings - and removing the risk of inconsistencies.   


Kube integrates with systems across the business, from HR, Tax, Legal and Finance to break down data siloes whilst enabling an intelligent audit trial and managing workflow. It’s accessible and adaptable for all users to see tasks, reports and actions, and so intuitive and user friendly, minimum training is required.  


Kube will also integrate with other governance point solutions such as Board Portals, Insider Management solutions, Share Plan portals and even RNS providers enabling Secretariat teams to streamline processes across the business, collaborate with stakeholders and gain oversight of, and insights into, the entire corporate governance ecosystem.

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Core Platform Features & Benefits

API First Approach

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Integrate Kube with your internal systems such as HR, tax, legal and finance solutions to drive efficiency. Kube will also integrate with other governance point solutions such as Board Portals, Insider Management solutions, Share Plan portals and even RNS providers.

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Kube is far more than just a database; it is a full work production system that can help you and your stakeholders in all jurisdictions work collaboratively to ensure efficient and effective Entity Governance.

User Centric Interface

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Kube has been developed in partnership with inclusive design specialists with the aim that the system is accessible for users. Kube is also designed in partnership with leading UI & UX experts to ensure the flows and interface are easy to navigate, intuitive to use and require minimal change management for adoption by all stakeholders. 

Data Insights

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Kube enables the quick generation of standard or customised reports for any scenario including ownership, governance and compliance. Leverage instant insights such as resource utilisation across teams, global compliance snapshots and task management via our user focused dashboards.

Complete Audit Trail

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Demonstrate compliance via easy to access audit history alongside all tasks and changes. Kube allows you to rewind the clock and return to a moment in time within the system. This allows you to generate previous structure charts, reports and much more within seconds from a selected date.

Companies House Integration

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Save time, optimise resource and eradicate risk of inconsistent data for UK Entities via our first to market Companies House integration. Kube validates filings in real time, imports entities, officers and other supporting information via a single click and automatically verifies data with Companies House on an ongoing basis.

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Workflows can be configured in Kube to ensure compliance with regulatory and statutory obligations and to align with your organisation's processes and procedures.

Configurable Workflows

Secure Access & Single Sign On

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Kube combines fine grained user access control, configurable across jurisdictions, entities, teams and roles and users views and edit rights, with Single Sign On functionality to ensure that you can safely and easily manage access and permissions at all times.   

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E-Filings for Companies House are fully automated allowing for rapid filings without risk of human error. Annual reports, Confirmation Statements, Appointments and much more. 


Data Management

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Support for any entity type in any jurisdiction, including PLC’s, LTDs, LLPs, trusts, and more.

Kube comes with unlimited storage and users so everyone in your organisation can access a single source of truth.

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Document Management

Kube comes with powerful document management functionality. Documents are stored centrally and can be tagged to any number of individual tasks – removing the risk of multiple and potentially inconsistent copies and proving invaluable in responding efficiently and promptly to regulatory or auditor requests. The search functionality enables quick location of documents by keywords – even without a company name. 

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