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Ku - On Demand Support Services

Ku gives you access to your own Governance COO when and where you need them – giving you flexibility to manage your own deliverables and budget, supported by our bureaucracy busting consultants and know-how. 

Governance Support Services

Ku enables you to access specialist governance expertise from some of the leading governance operations professionals in the industry. Ku is our approach to giving you access to your very own Governance COO when and where you need them.

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Interim Support

When you need a helping hand to beat bureaucracy and optimise your function. 

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virtual support

When you just need to bounce ideas off a trusted adviser, but you don’t need ongoing support. 


Areas we can help

Our dedicated Governance experts can work with you across any or all of the areas of Governance Operations to support and optimise the Secretariat function.

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Organisational Design

We can help you build bespoke corporate governance frameworks, subsidiary governance frameworks, and a secretariat operating model that is designed around the needs of your stakeholders.

Knowledge Management

We help you design ways to centralise and manage the extensive corporate knowledge handled by the Secretariat team, significantly reducing the time taken up dealing with repetitive queries.

Team Development

We work with you to improve the way you collaborate together; building an understanding of each other's strengths, weaknesses and preferred ways of working around a shared vision aligned to your organisation’s strategy, culture and values. 

Strategic Planning

We help you create a strategic plan for the secretariat function that looks at the organisational strategy, culture and values and maps resources, budgets and development opportunities into an agreed timeline and action plan. 

Project Management

We help plan and execute major corporate activities such as AGMs, Annual Accounts or Corporate Transactions efficiently and effectively, as well as assisting with significant change programmes such as the introduction of new technology or operating models. 


Risk & Regulation Management

As well as building risk management frameworks, we can help you manage regulatory actions relating to Corporate Governance, arising out of PRA/FCA Governance Reviews, s166 Reports or PSM letters.

Process & Technology

Design and implement more efficient and effective processes, including Directors Appointment and Induction, Board Information Management and Planning, and Subsidiary oversight and assurance. 


We build effective data analytics suites – giving you valuable insights into how the Secretariat team is functioning and delivering to its stakeholders. This can help you manage budgets, manage risk and deliver better outcomes to your stakeholders. 

Budget Management

We can help you put in place budget management processes, or scope out a particularly tricky budget, looking at ways to maximise available resources and minimise unnecessary spend. 

Vendor Management

We help you build and manage vendor relationships, to ensure that you are maximising value from the relationships. We also help run tender processes for both services and solutions. 

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