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The Governance Gym™ is our way of combining professional governance insight with design thinking methodologies to support our clients in achieving their governance goals.

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About Governance Gym™

At Kuberno we recognise that Secretariat and Governance functions are facing more and more pressure to improve efficiency and productivity, and this pressure is only likely to increase. While businesses are adopting various methods to transform into agile and lean operations, these techniques have historically not been shared or adopted by Company Secretaries and their teams for a variety of reasons.

We believe that the best way to meet the demands that are being placed on Company Secretaries is through learning new approaches and changing ways of working within secretariat and governance teams. We have opened the Governance Gym as a place where governance professionals can learn new skills and approaches,  network with their peers and dare we say it, have some fun along the way.  Einstein is often quoted as saying “Creativity is intelligence having fun”.​

We work with Company Secretaries and their teams through the Governance Gym workouts to strengthen delivery of best practice governance – adopting agile methodologies and design thinking to unknot governance processes that have stiffened up over time.


Governance Gym™ Approach


You won't find any tight fitting lycra or sweaty spin classes here, however we do have leading edge know how, state of the art equipment and programmes to help you train your governance muscles for peak performance.

State of the Art Technology

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Put your creativity to the test in our collaborative, design thinking led, workout environments.

We have invested in state of the art equipment to ensure  our members extract maximum value from their workouts.

Using our digital workspace and customer journey mapping technologies you will be able to digitally collaborate with like minded governance professionals to unknot governance processes and deliver peak performance for your stakeholders.

Governance Gym™ Services

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Fitness Assessments

Governance best practice is constantly moving forwards, driven by regulatory and investor focus. Using our deep practical experience and thought leadership approach to governance, we can assess the current maturity of your governance framework against best practice models and provide a roadmap to a future fit framework. 

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Group Workouts

Workouts help you unknot governance processes and  deliver peak performance for your stakeholders. The workouts are split into classes covering Board operations, Secretariat operations and Shareholder operations and each series of classes will focus on a particularly knotty process.

Through the workouts you will learn how to apply design thinking to unravel processes and rebuild them from the perspective of your stakeholders – leading to greater efficiency, better collaboration,  and happy stakeholders. There is also the distinct risk of having some fun along the way, as well as learning a new skill, networking with your peers and solving a business problem.

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Bespoke Programmes

Perhaps you know you have a particular Governance niggle or you want to start progressing through a fitness assessment roadmap.   


We can create a bespoke consultant led programme  with the potential to use a specially designed workout for you and your team as these do also make great team building exercises. We can help you design operating models, governance frameworks, subsidiary governance frameworks, optimise your budget or a deep dive into  individual elements of any part of your governance frameworks. 

Juice Bar

We designed the Juice Bar to be somewhere our members can take some time out to reflect on workouts or discuss governance matters. ​​You can make suggestions for future workouts and give us feedback – we love to hear from you.​

Members also have access to webinars and other exclusive perks.



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