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Governance Design is the application of design thinking to how governance is managed and delivered across an organisation.

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We use this approach across the services we provide to clients, but on its own we use the design thinking framework to run our Governance Gym Workouts with Secretariat teams, to solve governance challenges such as inefficient processes or ineffective decision making and to design governance communications such as Board Information, Handbooks, Terms of Reference, Policies, Guides and more.

Why is this Important?

How will we deliver?

Design Thinking is a creative technique for solving problems. It encourages teams to think about the people they are running processes for and delivering services to. Building this empathy for your stakeholders enables you to really understand what challenges your stakeholders face before starting to create solutions. It is also a great way to develop resilient and agile teams as it encourages the seeking and giving of feedback to build on ideas and arrive at better solutions.

We use a design thinking framework which involves: Speaking to stakeholders to explore and understand the matter from their perspective; using those insights to define the challenge you are trying to solve (you would be surprised how often this differs from your assumptions!); unlocking your team’s creativity to identify new ways to tackle challenges; using simple prototypes or mock ups to test your ideas with stakeholders; training your team to give and receive feedback and learn as you go. We use virtual collaboration tools to run workouts with your teams and stakeholders and we partner with a leading Legal Designer to work on governance documentation.