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Donald Davies

Associate Consultant

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Donald's Experience

With over 30 years’ experience at a senior level within the UK Financial Services sector, Donald is well versed in Regulator-agenda led change and controls management as well as Corporate Governance Frameworks and Organisational Control Systems. 


Donald’s specific areas of expertise include FCA Handbook rules, conduct and individual accountability, the Senior Managers Regime and Certification Regime, Board-level statutory responsibilities and European regulatory directives.  Donald has held many senior operational management roles and is an experienced regulatory consultant. 

Donalds's Previous Positions

Donald's experience includes regulatory and governance related projects at Allied Irish Banks (AIB), Arbuthnot Latham & Co, Barclays Wealth, Cattles plc, Coventry Building Society, GMAC-RFC, HFC Bank plc, HSBC plc, Lloyds Banking Group, Lowell UK, Northern Rock plc, OneSavings Bank plc, Open Banking Limited (Open Banking Implementation Entity), S&U plc, Royal Bank of Scotland (Ulster Bank Group), Standard Chartered Bank plc (Chartered Trust plc), and Yorkshire Building Society. 


Often these roles have included delivery of advanced governance and compliance control framework solutions to regulated firms. 

We asked Donald how he works with his clients to ensure #FutureFitGovernance?
This was Donald's response...

Those that I have worked with commend my invaluable ease of manner and ability to find the light side of situations which helps create allies in those around me, yet it is undoubtedly my broadness of view and consummate understanding of aligning for business success that makes me such a positive influencer; my approach is to dispel negativity and tacitly guide towards optimal outcomes for clients. 


I apply a strategic and purposeful analysis to complex requirements, which brings positive impact benefits.  I am recognised as someone who has a passion for truth, bringing a comprehensive intellectual and practical toolkit to bespoke projects.  This is augmented with a wealth of relevant qualifications and shrewd practical experience, garnered over many years of professional engagement and research. Building on sharp intellect, my commitment to continuous improvement and accomplished people-engagement helps define a pragmatic approach to effectively work with key stakeholders to structure and deliver excellence. 


I am an advocate of social participation, where interaction begins on a community-of-interest platform where I bring about robust stakeholder engagement, drawing on intellect that probes and seeks out value in both people and context. 


I consistently bring professional commitment and values to guiding myself and those around me towards excellence.